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Colonial Rifles 206th Platoon.

That nerdy hobby...

Needing a break of power armour, I'm thinking about restarting my dusty IG army. This is a bit unrelated to the pourpose of this blog, but seriously, don't want to start a blog just for this so you can expect some unrelated guard posts time to time.

The theme of that army is mostly based in "Platoon" the movie with some touches of USCM from Alien II. That mean almost no tanks, no mechvets, and no (not much at least) AirCav.

In both films there are flyers: A drop ship in Alien and one Fighter in Platoon, so one or two Valkyries are more or less justified. Same apply for transports (at least one M113 in Platoon & the M577A3 from Alien II. This implies mostly a gunline army with some ground and air support.

I have some guards unassembled and some of the assembled and painted, but i want to strip the paint asap (which this mean after x-mass holidays at short).

Here are some pics of the minis so far (mounted and pinted around 2 years ago):

Marbo, Harker, Medic Officer, Soldier
Paintjob is ugly, now you can understand why I want the paint off :)

Captain Raynor.
The pic in the left shows the Company Captain, in the grey stage. Initially was intended to be Captain Raynor but maybe that will change.
Yutani pattern sentry gun
And this is a project of auto-gun, not sure about the nature of the weapon, auto cannon or heavy bolter. Time will tell us.

Master of Ordnance

And here the army/to do list so far:


Commander (Lord Commisar)
Company Command Squad - Medic, Vox, Heavy Weapons team, Master of the Fleet, Master of Ordnance, Command comms (Astropath), Captain Raynor, 2 bodyguards.


Sgt Elias (Marbo)


Platoon Command Squad - Lt Wolfe, Medic, Vox, Heavy weapons team.

Squad Alpha - Grenade launcher, heavy bolter, vox.

Squad Bravo - Grenade launcher, bazooka (missile launcher ofc), vox.

Squad Charlie - Grenade launcher, autocannon, vox, M113 (chimera)

Heavy Weapons Squad - 3x Mortar

Special Ops squad - 3x LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon, aka meltagun)

Squad Delta Veterans - Sgt Barnes (Harker), demolitions, vox (special weapons undecided)

Squad Echo Veterans - Sgt O'Neil (Bastonne), Grenadiers, vox, Froward Sentries, 3x MG (plasmagun)

Conscript Squad - basic config.

Valkyrie Huey pattern - MRP, heavy bolters

Commander WIP
This are my thoughts so far, wondering about include some scout sentinels and maybe a couple of ordnance -mostly griffons I guess, not sure about the Colossus or the Medusa.

This indeed, is not a competitive list, nor a proper list for that matter, due I have not taked points in account. Ofc I'll make a list soon or later because that one is just a draft.

Anyways that is a slow long-term project, and as said, this wouldn't start unit the next year. Tomorrow I'm going to travel about 800 km in car then about 8-9 hours in vessel to reach my parent's house and I'm out of the hobby until 3 or 4 Jan of the next year.
Feel free to comment as always or share ideas about models, conversions and whatnot!

Happy holidays 4 y'all and Khorny X-Mass!!!

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