jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

Colonial Rifles 206th Platoon.

That nerdy hobby...

Needing a break of power armour, I'm thinking about restarting my dusty IG army. This is a bit unrelated to the pourpose of this blog, but seriously, don't want to start a blog just for this so you can expect some unrelated guard posts time to time.

The theme of that army is mostly based in "Platoon" the movie with some touches of USCM from Alien II. That mean almost no tanks, no mechvets, and no (not much at least) AirCav.

In both films there are flyers: A drop ship in Alien and one Fighter in Platoon, so one or two Valkyries are more or less justified. Same apply for transports (at least one M113 in Platoon & the M577A3 from Alien II. This implies mostly a gunline army with some ground and air support.

lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

Enemies of the Imperium: Dark Eldar

Image from http://fatesofashe.com
Bear in mind the fact that I use the Chaos Space Marines Codex to represent an Astartes Legion, so most of the focus of this article will be in the CSM 'dex, but also with some bits for Loyalists (Blood Angels, I'm looking to you!).

This is a "new" threat for most of us, specially the most outdated armies. I'm not a WAAC player, -nor a "friendly" for that matter, I want my lists fully optimized but keeping the theme to the most- also bear in mind that this are my own impressions with the aim of crush the foul xenos everywhere

miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

Collateral Damage 40k: Beta release! (house rules)

Introduction & Disclaimer

After three days of nighmares, I've managed to finish the initial set of cards. I haved some troubles with the card sizes and the pdf's, so sorry, but no pdf yet.

Anyways, I uploaded the whole set of cards that you can download here.

There are 8 mission cards, 12 order cards, 15 event cards (there are very few, I need to make more of them) and 20 assets cards. Each set with his own "back card".

domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010

Collateral Damage: 40k Mission sistem (house rules)

DISCLAIMER: First I want to credit Str10_Hurts for his amazing idea of bringing back some 2nd edition rules, nothing of this can be possible without his previous work. Also I want to explain some stuff. I've been playing GW games for a long time, and GW still having a lot of fun, but I feel as I need more!

To the point, how to make 40k more interesting and friendly and less power gaming?

One of the many possibilities would be bringing back the old 2ed style missions. For those of you that haven't played in the second edition of WH40K, the missions are randomly picked from a pile of cards, and will be secretly played until the end of the game. Then, you must play your own mission, trying to prevent the other player of accomplishing(sp?) his own mission.

This is intended to be a free game expansion and not to make money. You're also free to reproduce and modify all of this article or only the part you like, since you credit to us and this site, also quoting the Disclaimer. The artwork showed here is property of their actual owners and no IP law breaking is intended in any way or form. If you own some of that artwork and don't want it showed in this site please e-mail me and it will be removed.


Ok, GW purists, better you stop reading from now or you're in risk to fail your Perils from the Warp test and become a chaos spawn.

viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

Making pre Heresy obliterators (II)

Part I

Hi there, good afternoon. Here is a bit of progress with my first Obliterator. I've added some details here and there. The wound one (aka Brother Wone or lascannon guy) is almost completed, just need minor GS work to fill some gaps. I'm not very happy with wound two (or, like he like call himself, Brother Tchooh), not sure if it's the pose, the power fist, or the whole model.